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I believe in more than what can be seen with only our eyes.

A summary of the writing instructions of Anton Chekhov has been condensed into the short and sweet quote:

"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass."

This is something I hope to live by in my faith - to be more walk than talk - but also in my storytelling.

As a writer I want to do more than write, because there is more to communicate than just words. As a photographer I want to do more than take a picture of what you look like, because you are more than that.

In being a storyteller, I am also a truthteller.

I promise to honour real life stories with my integrity. I won't help fake a smile or direct a well-placed hand. I will simply witness truth and try my very best to capture it in all of its visible and invisible glory.

I hope you see it there, in the midst of the photographs and the words. I hope you sense it there: the glory in the gritty, the magic in the mundane, the beautiful in the broken, and the extra in the ordinary.


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